Picnic Operetta Seeks First Violinist, STAT!

Picnic Operetta Seeks First Violinist, STAT!

FFI please contact Marya Hart, music director

Paid Position

Performances August 8 through September 15

Mixed Precipitation’s Picnic Operetta, now in its fifth season, is seeking a first violinist.

We are open to subbing out or splitting the position, if a candidate has some conflicts with the performance schedule. In other words, IF YOU’RE INTERESTED AND CAN ONLY DO SOME OF THE PERFORMANCES, GET IN TOUCH!

This year’s production is a mash-up of Beethoven’s “Fidelio” and the music of reggae legend Jimmy Cliff.

We need a player with these attributes:

Strong technique and good ensemble skills. Experience in chamber groups and theatrical experience is helpful.

Improvisatory skills, familiarity with popular music and ability to make creative adaptations.


Ability to work in a changing environment. (Performances are outdoors, in community gardens throughout the metro area.)

Good leadership and interpersonal skills.

Fun-loving people who like good food, gardens and the outdoors.

Performance schedule:

August 8th FINAL DRESS 7pm

August 9th PREVIEW 7pm

August 10th 4:00

August 11th  4:00

August 16th 7pm

August 17th 4:00

August 18th 4:00

August 23rd 7pm

August 24th 4:00

August 25th 4:00pm

August 31st 4:00

September 1st 4:00

September 7th 4:00

September 8th 4:00

September 14th 4:00

September 15th 4:00

Rehearsal schedule

Weekly, commencing June 24

No rehearsal the week of June 30

Two rehearsals week of July 28

Tech week: band joins cast for run throughs commencing ca. Aug 4

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