Picnic Operetta in EAST SIDE PRIDE

Thanks to Romi Slowiak and EAST SIDE PRIDE for the their enthusiasm!  We’re very excited to bring Tales of Hoffmann: A Picnic Operetta to audiences on the East Side of St. Paul.  Romi Slowiak sat for an interview about this opera and our special symposium, Quick Quips of Hoffmann at the Weequah Canue Club.
On September 1st we’ll sit for songs and snacks while we discuss Offenbach’s work with opera singer and anthropoligist Professor William Beeman.  We hope you can join us.

Call to RSVP and receive direction to the Weequah.

Click here to read the article in EAST SIDE PRIDE.

Click here to read more about Professor William Beeman, Chair of the Anthropology Department at the University of Minnesota.  Professor Beeman has specialized in variety of disciplines, including linguistics, Central Asian Studies and Performance Studies.

Join us for a great view and beautiful music!

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