MPLS Autotelic: An Evening of Symbolism and Decadence


Contact:  Scotty Reynolds 612.619.2112

WHAT: Mpls Autotelic: An Evening of Symbolism and Decadence

WHO: Mixed Precipitation and Nightpath Theatre presents the work of directors Terry Hempleman, Maggie Scanlan, performance artists Jennifer Arave, choreographer April Sellers and singer Erik Pearson, currated by Scotty Reynolds

WHEN: Thursday through Saturday March 4, 5 and 6 and March 11, 12 and 13 at 7:30.

WHERE: Interact Center / Colonial Warehouse Building, 212 3rd Avenue North.  Please enter through the Inside Out Gallery on North 2nd Street; the performance will unfold throughout the building from there.  Promenade style will require audience movement through various configurations in the Colonial Warehouse.

TICKETS and INFORMATION: Please call 612.619.2112 for reservations.  The building is 100% accessible. Seating is very limited, please call ahead for reservations. Visit for additional information.

(Minneapolis, MN) Five creators join forces to bring you a traveling evening of live performance!  In this evening of drama, dance, music and short form performance we examine the symbolist arts and the decadent movement–literary movements driven by the artists desire to explore the self, the conscious world and darkness beneath our reality.  Autotelic (au·to·te·lic) is an adjective used to describe the “inner-directed” and “self motivated” process of creation.

Our line-up includes Sage Award winning Choreographer April Sellers and many fresh names in the world of performance.

Director Maggie Scanlan takes on Madame Rachilde’s The Crystal Spider and Paul Margriette’s Pierrot: Assasin of His Wife.  Actor Terry Hempleman returns to the directors chair with Wallace Steven’s Carlos Among the Candles and Jennifer Arave creates an original solo titled Expect the Unexpected: A Study in Entropy and April Sellers creates a duet with dancer Kay Krischt, titled Acceptable Doses.  Eric Pearson will perform a cycle of songs by Claude Debussey and Francis Poulenc.

Jennifer Arave's Expect the Unexpected: A Study in Entropy
Kay Kirscht and April Sellers in Reasonable Doses

Mixed Precipitation is new performance group committed to exploring text, space and dramatic form.  The company was founded in 2009 by Scotty Reynolds with an eye to create events of distinctive social interaction with a commitment to building relationships among independent artists and communities.   Previous projects have included MPLS Pinter Studies and Orpheus and Eurydice: A Picnic Operetta. Maggie Scanlan’s Nightpath Theatre has presented work for the European cannon, including The Balcony by Jean Genet and The Devils by John Whiting.  Her 2008 production of How I Learned to Drive was named in Lavender Magazine’s top 10 of 2008.


Performance Calendar

Presented at the Interact Center / Colonial Warehouse Building

Thursday, March  4th 7:30

Friday, March 5th 7:30

Saturday, March 6th 7:30

Thursday March 11th 7:30

Friday March 12th 7:30

Saturday March 13th 7:30

Tickets:  612.619.2112

$10–$20 Suggested Donation

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