Mixed Precipitation is in need of volunteers (March 7 and 10)

Summer is right around the corner and we here at Mixed Precipitation are reving up for our summer show. Music is being composed and the script is mostly written and it has finally come time to find our a cast. But we can’t do it without you!

Mixed Precipitation is looking for volunteers to help out with our 2012 Picnic Operetta Auditions.

We are holding auditions next week and we are in need of a few extra pairs of hands to help assure that the auditions run smoothly. 

Have you ever been curious what it’s like behind the scenes of a real live theater audition? Are you yearning to experience first hand the nervousness and excitement performers go through when striving to land a part in such a unique theater project? If the answer is “Yes!” sign up for volunteer shift today.


At the moment we are looking for volunteers to help us with auditions. Current volunteer shifts needing to be filled

Wednesday March 7th 5:30-8pm

Saturday March 10th 3:00-7pm

Contact miss scottie hall for details! or call at 415.640.2116

Can’t make it next week? No worries, we will have lots of other opportunities to be apart of the Picnic Operetta as we get closer to summer. Stay Tuned!