The weekends of this early harvest season have been merry, musical and delicious!  Thanks to everyone who has joined us for our performances throughout the metro.  We’ve had capacity crowds and beautiful weather!  We thank the Soo Line Community Garden, the Hamline-Midway Coalition, the First Lutheran Church of the Reformation, the City of St. Louis Park, the Urban Farming Community Garden and the Gateway Trail Community Garden for being great hosts.

Lauren Drasler as Olympia the Automaton!
Nick Schneider's creations pass through the audience during the finale act of the opera.

We have four performance remaining in our regular performance schedule… and a very special added performance at noon on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 17th…. more about that performance soon.


September 18
Swede Hollow Park
East Beaumont Street and Payne Avenue, St. Paul

September 19
Bronx Park Community Garden
2500 Georgia Avenue and Cedar Lake Trail, St. Louis Park
**Audio Description Provided

September 25
Augsburg Community Garden
20th Avenue South and S. 6th Street, Minneapolis
**ASL interpreter services provided

September 26
Cornercopia Student Organic Farm
West Dudley Avenue and Lindig Street, U of M St. Paul Campus

We are very lucky to have so many wonderful partners working on this project, including the Chair of the Anthropology Department at the University of Minnesota, Bill Beeman.  I’ve included some photos of the discussion Bill lead at the WeeQuah Canue Club on Lake Phalen and the home of Romi Sloviak.

Bill Beeman speaks about ETA Hoffmann, Jacque Offenbach and the history of opera!
Nearly 40 patrons and east side residence came to learn about our marriage of food and music.

Beverages and conversation with members of the cast, including Carmelita Guse.

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