Three More Shows and a PARTY!!!

Camilla Hempleman in Carlos Among the Candles

After our successful opening weekend, we’ll wrap up the run of this promenade evening.

Three more performances remain.

Decay, delusions and self-stimulation… 5 creators explore the symbolist movement, the decadent movement and the inner directed impulse.

Erik Pearson performs a decadent song cycle

Join us!

Thursday March 11th at 7:30

Friday March 12th at 7:30

Saturday March 13th at 7:30

Theresa Madaus performs Jennifer Arave's Expect the Unexpected

Our final performance will be capped off with a party, featuring jazz with Maria Benson and DJ Tell It To My Heart!

Beer and wine and desserts provided.  Donations appreciated!


MPLS Autotelic: An Evening of Symbolism and Decadence


Contact:  Scotty Reynolds 612.619.2112

WHAT: Mpls Autotelic: An Evening of Symbolism and Decadence

WHO: Mixed Precipitation and Nightpath Theatre presents the work of directors Terry Hempleman, Maggie Scanlan, performance artists Jennifer Arave, choreographer April Sellers and singer Erik Pearson, currated by Scotty Reynolds

WHEN: Thursday through Saturday March 4, 5 and 6 and March 11, 12 and 13 at 7:30.

WHERE: Interact Center / Colonial Warehouse Building, 212 3rd Avenue North.  Please enter through the Inside Out Gallery on North 2nd Street; the performance will unfold throughout the building from there.  Promenade style will require audience movement through various configurations in the Colonial Warehouse.

TICKETS and INFORMATION: Please call 612.619.2112 for reservations.  The building is 100% accessible. Seating is very limited, please call ahead for reservations. Visit for additional information.

(Minneapolis, MN) Five creators join forces to bring you a traveling evening of live performance!  In this evening of drama, dance, music and short form performance we examine the symbolist arts and the decadent movement–literary movements driven by the artists desire to explore the self, the conscious world and darkness beneath our reality.  Autotelic (au·to·te·lic) is an adjective used to describe the “inner-directed” and “self motivated” process of creation.

Our line-up includes Sage Award winning Choreographer April Sellers and many fresh names in the world of performance.

Director Maggie Scanlan takes on Madame Rachilde’s The Crystal Spider and Paul Margriette’s Pierrot: Assasin of His Wife.  Actor Terry Hempleman returns to the directors chair with Wallace Steven’s Carlos Among the Candles and Jennifer Arave creates an original solo titled Expect the Unexpected: A Study in Entropy and April Sellers creates a duet with dancer Kay Krischt, titled Acceptable Doses.  Eric Pearson will perform a cycle of songs by Claude Debussey and Francis Poulenc.

Jennifer Arave's Expect the Unexpected: A Study in Entropy
Kay Kirscht and April Sellers in Reasonable Doses

Mixed Precipitation is new performance group committed to exploring text, space and dramatic form.  The company was founded in 2009 by Scotty Reynolds with an eye to create events of distinctive social interaction with a commitment to building relationships among independent artists and communities.   Previous projects have included MPLS Pinter Studies and Orpheus and Eurydice: A Picnic Operetta. Maggie Scanlan’s Nightpath Theatre has presented work for the European cannon, including The Balcony by Jean Genet and The Devils by John Whiting.  Her 2008 production of How I Learned to Drive was named in Lavender Magazine’s top 10 of 2008.


Performance Calendar

Presented at the Interact Center / Colonial Warehouse Building

Thursday, March  4th 7:30

Friday, March 5th 7:30

Saturday, March 6th 7:30

Thursday March 11th 7:30

Friday March 12th 7:30

Saturday March 13th 7:30

Tickets:  612.619.2112

$10–$20 Suggested Donation


Tonya and Nancy–Opera at the ArtShanties!

Wow!   We had so much fun a the Art Shanties.

Here’s an awesome video from Mark Bimson!


And some photos by Ty Sassaman!

The Ensemble sings "He gave her a good whack..."
Jeff Gillooly pleads with Tonya
Jeff Gillooly pleads with Tonya

We got the crowd pumped up for the Olympics and pumped up for our performances in February!

We’re bringing the fun to BOTH sides of the river next month.  There will be a chance to cheer on the opera, a chance to cheer on your favorite figure skaters and a chance to compete in our figure skating trivia competition!

TONYA and NANCY: The Opera

Performance Calendar

Tuesday February 23rd at 6:30 and 8:30 at the Bedlam Theatre  (1501 South 6th Street, Minneapolis)

Figure skating broadcast, demonstrations and trivia occur between performances

Thursday, February 25th at 6:30 and 8:30  at Camp Bar (490 Robert Street North, St. Paul)

Figure skating broadcast, demonstrations and figure skating trivia occur between performances–There’s even a Medal Ceremony!

Thanks to Ty Sassaman and Mark Bimson for taking photos and Video of our performance at the Art Shanties!

Leah Reddy eats the ice and sings "Why me!"
Leah Reddy eats the ice and sings "Why me!"

We’re building an opera team for the Olympics!

That’s right, Mixed Precipitation and the Dead Composers Society are teaming up to present TONYA and NANCY: THE OPERA.

Music by Abigail Al-Doory Cross, Libretto by Elizabeth Searle

The events of the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics and the knee clubbing scandle come to life as Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan become duelling American singing divas!

Lead Reddy and Meredith Cain-Nielsen

We’ll be previewing the show with brief interludes at the Art Shanties.  Here is a link to directions (it’s about 15 minutes from downtown Mpls).

Look for us Saturday January 30th at 11:30 and 12:30 and Sunday January 31st at 1:30 and 2:30.

Look for the shanty with the stocking cap!

Thanks to Julie Kesti and her partners at the Art Swap Shanty for offering to be our hosts!  Bring some art to share as well, and you can swap it for a fresh piece for your home.  To read about their awesome art sharing project, check out their blog.

Meredith Cain-Nielsen returns to take on the role of tough girl Tonya Harding.  She’ll contend with Leah Reddy as the prim Nancy Kerrigan.

Lauren Drasler, Jacob LaSota, Kitten Stoekler and Jason Vogen are featured in the cast.

Mike Meyer is our music director.  Scotty Reynolds is directing.

Thanks to Ty Sassman for these great photos.

Mike Meyer and Leah Reddy examine the complicate score by Abigail Al-Doory Cross


The picnic operetta will take it’s final bow this Saturday, October 17th at the Mill City Farmers’ Market (in the shadow of the Guthrie Theatre, stepping distance from the Mississippi River)

love goddesses at eat street

Thanks for your support of the Orpheus and Eurydice: A Picnic Operetta!

We have wrapped up our community garden tour, and we are planting
seeds for next season!  Please let us know if you’d like to be

We will be closing the curtain on Orpheus and Eurydice with an
informal performance at the Mill City Farmer’s Market  at 11:30.
We’ll be in the train station, near the food demo area).

We’ll be serving a few small courses and dishing up some musical
delights with Roland Hawkins II, Meredith Cain-Nielsen and others from
our fabulous company.  As usual the food will be prepared by Nick
Schneider of Cafe Brenda.  Tell your friends and come say hello!

(you can also see a food demo by Tim McKee and dance with the Wild
Goose Chase Cloggers)

This opera was the project of a small, emerging performance company,
Mixed Precipitation.  Our mission is to explore text, space and
dramatic form.  With this project we sought to bring ancient myth and
a cornucopia of musical styles to bring classical traditions to the
dirt and grim and sweat of urban farms and gardens.

We hope that “picnic operetta” created opportunities for music to come
alive in beautiful natural settings, we hope that these important
gardens and sites of urban agriculture can grow relationships and
stories as well as flowers and vegetables.

(if you have pictures from a performance, I would love to share them
with the cast)

For directions to the Mill City Farmers’ Market, check their web-site.

Have a lovely fall!

–Scotty Reynolds (for all)



Performance CANCELLED! October 17th at the Women’s Environmental Institute

Due to  snow spoilage of the APPLE CROP at the WOMEN’S ENVIRONMENTAL INSTITUTE, there will be no Apple Festival.


rotton apple

We very glad to be invited to performance the opera one last time—this time in the Apple Orchard at the Women’s Environmental Institute in North Branch, MN.

October 17th at 1:00


We’re keeping our voices warm for this special performance among their heirloom orchard.

On October 17th, the days activities will include apple picking, apple pressing–and a picnic operetta!

Please tell your friends about this great opportunity to enjoy the harvest and experience the musical delight!

Here are some directions:

WEI is located approximately 70 miles from the Twin Cities between North Branch and Almelund, MN.  From the Twin Cities, take 35W north to the Cambridge/North Branch exit.  Turn right (east) at the light, traveling through North Branch on Hwy 95, all the way to the town of Almelund (approximately 11 miles.)  Turn left (north) off of Hwy 95 at Almelund onto Hwy 12 going towards Wild River State Park.  After about two miles you’ll come to a stop sign near the park entrance.  Turn left there on to Hwy 81 until it takes a sharp left.  Do not turn left at the stop sign.  Keep going straight on River Road (now a dirt road) that runs along side Wild River State Park.  Drive for about two more miles past Nelson Road.  You’ll see the Amador Hill Orchard Barn, an old Swedish log barn on your left.  WEI is the next driveway on your left after the barn.  Look for the WEI sign.


Please call if you need any more information: 612.619.2112



We have concluded the community garden tour of the picnic operetta 2009!  With a thrilling final performance on September 27th, as the wind blew the away the summer to herald the fall, Orpheus and Eurydice were re-united in St. Paul.

Many thanks to the Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation for their financial support, as well as our garden hosts, Gardening Matters, our advisory committee, the Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts (our fiscal agent), the Bedlam Theatre and our amazing and generous audiences.


And of course, thanks to the cast and crew for embarking on this totally unique journey!  We’re already laying the groundwork for next year!

photo credit--Brad Dahlgaard
photo credit--Brad Dahlgaard


CALL to RESERVE a spot in the garden!


Meredith Cain-Nielsen is holding on for three more great shows!
Meredith Cain-Nielsen is holding on for three more great shows!


4:00  Saturday September 19th at the Urban Farming Community Garden

(12th Avenue North and Morgan Avenue North)

4:00  Saturday September 26th at the Augsburg Community Garden

(20th Avenue and South 6th Street)

4:00  Sunday September 27th at the Midway Green Spirit Community Garden

(Hamline and Taylor and Pierce Butler in St. Paul)

A great outdoor afternoon for everyone!  It's opera!
A great outdoor afternoon for everyone! It’s opera!

CALL to RESERVE a spot in the garden!


The fires will burn just three more times, Nicole Christine will bring you to the underworld!
The fires will burn just three more times, Nicole Christine will bring you to the underworld!

CALL to RESERVE a spot in the garden!





There are only five shows left.  We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and big crowds!  Make sure you make reservations!

REMEMBER, all performances are FREE and open to the public, but tax deductible donations are gladly accepted.

opera email image quad

This weekend we’ll be at the Columbus Community Garden (33rd and Columbus in South Minneapolis) and the Celeste’s Dream Community Garden on the grounds of the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet (next to St. Kate’s at Randolph and Howell in St. Paul)… see the side bar for a map!

So far our audience has had great things to say about our show!

Here are few testimonials!

“It felt adventurous and communal… I’m too busy thinking about all I just saw and heard and tasted to think of anything else, thank you!”

“I don’t live here, but I’d make the trip from Missouri to see another!”

“This was an incredible melange of the senses.”

“You brought opera down to earth and to life for me.  I loved it.  AND you introduced me to a new part of the city and a new venue for theatre.”

“I thought it integrated music, community and local food beautifully.  I was completely engrossed by the performances, as was my 5 year old daughter.”

“I felt like a perfect to experience opera this way.  The Beauty of the voice couple with the beauty of the sensed we engaged.”

“It is unique to have audience members experience the story in a way that pushes our expectations and including in the story itself.”

We’d like to again extend thanks to our Chef Nick Schneider of Cafe Brenda.  This weekend we’ll have the talents of a new chef, Phil Werst of Common Roots Cafe! Both of these gents are avid gardeners, event planners and experts in local cuisine. We used linen and tablecloths as well as chair covers for our wedding, if you want to invest in your next event we recommend to visit

The audience at JD Rivers' enjoys a wedding toast of watermelon and mint!
The audience at JD Rivers’ enjoys a wedding toast of watermelon and mint!
JD Rivers' FOOD 2
The audience enjoys the deconstructed BLT as Orpheus escorts them on a soulful journey to the underworld!

Capacity Crowds and a segment on MPR’s ART HOUNDS

We are very appreciative of all the great press we’ve gotten for this show…

Last week we were featured on ART HOUNDS, as Molly Balcom got to tell listeners about performance projects she is excited about.

You can listen to ART HOUNDS by clicking HERE.  (Special thanks to Chris Roberts as well!)

Also, we’ve been filling up our gardens with enthusiastic audiences and capacity crowds.  Please make sure and RSVP!

Our next performance is SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5th at NICOLLET ISLAND FARM at 4:00.  (there performance starts at the corner of Maple Place and Nicollet Street).

Molly Balcom is a performance creator herself, requently using food in here work.  Past performances have included edible paper and food foraging around the Soap Factory as a part of Artery 24.

Molly Balcom in a performance of bread of our mothers / color of money at the Mill City Museum.
Molly Balcom in a performance of bread of our mothers / color of money at the Mill City Museum.