Cast & Creative Team

Orpheus and Eurydice:
A Picnic Operetta


Narrator—Yolanda Cotterall
Orpheus—Roland Hawkins II
Eurydice—Meredith Cain-Nielsen
Amore—Parker Anderson-Genne
Pluto/Violin—Eric Solberg
Cupid/Accordion—Karen Townsend

Chorus of Celebrants, Love Gods and Goddessses and Furies—Nicole Christine, Rachel Petrie, Scotty Reynolds, Karen Townsend, Eric Solberg, Jason Vogen

Creative Team

Collaborating Chef—Nick Schneider
Music Director—Erik Pearson
Choreographer—Taja Will
Props and Scenic Art—Juliet Massey
Costume and accessories—Lyndsey Lyford
Production Manager—Kristin Allanna Campbell
Company Manager—Scottie Hall
Dramaturge—Jason Brown
Photographer—Brad Dahlgaard
Director and Producer—Scotty Reynolds