Cast & Creative Team

King Arthur: A Picnic Operetta

Adapted from King Arthur, or The British Worthy, music by Henry Purcell, libretto by John Dryden, with music originally recorded by Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Patti Smith

Script devised by Scotty Reynolds, Mike Harris and Marya Hart with contributions from the cast.

Cast of Characters
Oswald, leader of the Saxon Tribe – Grant Schumann
The Saxons – Tayler Her, Ayden Her, Jason Kornelis and Cassandra McNally
Grimbald, an earthy demon – Wric Larson
Philidel, an airy imp – Elizabeth Windnagel
Arthur, King of the Britons – Jim Ahrens
Merlin, a sorcerer – JP Fitzgibbons
Morgan Le Fay, a sorceress – Naomi Karstad
Princess Guinevere, a retired athlete – Maggie Lofboom
Matilda, Guinevere’s personal trainer – Josie Ross
Sir Gawain, the intern – Peter Middlecamp
Lady Steeger Bancroft, an explorer – Natalie Tran
Sir MS – DOS – Michael Wolfe

Cello and Percussion – Greg Byers
Cello – Jason Kornelis
Violin 1 and Cello – Devan Moran
Violin 2 and Guitar – Leif Peterson
Accordion – Karen Majewicz
Substitute Violin and Guitar – Cierra Hill
Artistic Staff
Director – Scotty Reynolds
Music Director – Marya Hart
Head Chef – Nick Schneider
Sous Chefs – Suzi Gard, Michael Legan
Choreographer – Paulino Brener
Set Designer – Zach Humes
Costume Designer – Teresa Mock
Scenic Artist – Liz Schacterle
Fight Choreography – Dave Schneider
Assist Director – Jacob Miller
Vocal Coach – Laura Hynes
Rehearsal Accompanist – Karl Jones
Children’s Vocal Coach – Alia Jeraj

Production Staff
Production Manager – Cassandra Flowers
Audience Services and Volunteer Coordinator – Meredith
Access Services Assistant – Josie Ross
Public Relations – Amy Danielson
Development – Scott Artley
Web and Media Services – Paulino Brener
Media Services Assistant – Adrienne Kleinman
Graphic Design – Elsa Angvall
Access Services – Rachel Grise and Jenn Welna (ASL), miss scottie hall (audio description)

Gratitude to many who enhance the creativity, planning and accessibility: Rachel Wandrei, Welles Emerson, Jillia Pessenda Bovino, Jennifer Arave, Romi Slowiek, John Scanlon, Illene Mojsilov, Jenae Renwertz-Targui, Raymond Luczak, Bethany Gladhill, Cathy Schutt and the Walker Methodist Health Center, North East United Methodist Church, the Omega House, Bedlam Theatre, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Concordia University, Dan Polnau

Crucial financial support from the Twin Cities Opera Guild, VSA Minnesota and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

Thanks to our garden hosts and many volunteers, including Eloise Dietz, Merle Green, Kayla Brinkman, Chelsea Peterson, Peter Lindstrom, City of Falcon Heights, Marylynn Pulcher, Jarod Rubenstein, Pastor Sarah Lawton, Sherri Brooks, the farmers at Stone’s Throw Urban Farm, Nan Bailly, Patti Paulson, Rep. Karen Clark, Jaqueline Zita and the Women’s Environmental Institute, Susan Melbye, Karin DuPaul, Mike Grelish, Henri Sandifer, Patti Sullivan and the City of Roseville