Cast & Creative Team

Alcina’s Island: A Picnic Operetta

Nosh by Chef Nick Schieder, Adapted by Scotty Reynolds
with contributions from Paulino Brener, Laurie Witzkowski and Marya Hart.

Featuring additional music by Carl Montgomery and Earl Green, Red Simpson, Jimmy Work, George Jone and Earl Montgomery, famously recorded by legends Dave Dudley, Kitty Wells, George Jones and Tammy Wynette.


Alcina, a magical truck stop waitress – Laura Hynes Smith
Morgana, her sister – Lauren Drasler
Ruggiero, “Ruddy”, an heroic man of the road – Jameson Jon Baxter
Bradamante, the warrior maid searching for Ruggiero – Molly Pan
Melisso, a wizard of the highway – Peter Hogan
Oronte, a kitchen runt – Jason Hernandez
Oberto, a boy searching for his father, employed by Alcina – Grant Schumann
Brunello, a traveling salesman transformed to a tree – Laurie Witzkowski
Astolfo, a traveling cable guy transformed to a lion – Paulino Brener

Chorus of Enchanted Animals, Plants and Rocks and Dark Spirits Conjured – Emily Bangston, Thomas Bruce, Meredith Cain-Nielsen, Walter Gies, Rachel Wandri

Musicians – Jason Hernandez (guitar) Walter Gies (violin), Melissa Matthews (violin), KT Thompson (accordion), Rachel Wandri (cello)

Creative Team

Director – Scotty Reynolds
Musical Director – Marya Hart
Chef – Nick Schneider
Sous Chef – Christopher Roberts
Vocal Coach – Brad Bradshaw
Choreographer – Nancy Nair
Scenic Artist – Jacob “Woody” Price
Costume Designer – Teresa Mock
Fight Choreographer – David Schneider
Production Manager – Clare Gardner
Production Assistant – Forrest Zoll
Front of House Manager, Volunteer and Accessibility Coordinator – scottie hall

Executive Planning Committee – Welles Emerson, Harleigh Gabrielson, Scott Artley
Access Services – Jenn Welna and Rachel Giese (ASL), Rick Jacobson (audio description)

Outreach assistant – Paulino Brener
Poster Designer – Annabella Sardelis
T-shirt Designer – Levi Caffes
Carpenter – Ryan Bilig

Special Thanks – Aliveness Project, Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Walker Methodist Health Center and the Recreational Therapy Staff, Wise Acre Eatery, Omega House, Scott Artley, Sue Bangston, Tim and Vickie Schumann, Jonathan Flory, Emily Anderson, Romi Slowiek, Mary Hourigan and the many volunteers who make the opera happen in these beautiful community gardens

Access Advisory Committee – Scott Artley, Rachel Parker, Evonne Bilotta-Burke, Jenn Welna, Aaron Westendorp, Raymond Luczak