Video Clips

A selection of video clips featuring the work of Mixed Precipitation founder, Scotty Reynolds. The following represents the work Scotty as a director and facilitating artist with Mixed Precipitation and Interact Theater Company, 2008 – present.

Idomeneo aria and storm from Scott Reynolds on Vimeo.

“Tutte nel cor vi sento” and “Pieta! Numi, Pieta!” with a the Trojan Eggplant Skewer from The Return of King Idomeneo: A Picnic Operetta

A selection from our adaptation of Mozart, Directed by Scotty Reynolds with Music Director Marya Hart, Collaborating Chefs Nick Schneider and Chris Robert. Performed September 22nd, 2012 at Swede Hollow Park.

“Si on non moro a questi accenti” from The Return of King Idomeneo: A Picnic Operetta from Scott Reynolds on Vimeo.

“S’io non moro a questi accenti” from The Return of King Idomeneo: A Picnic Operetta
This duet features the Trojan Princess / Bio-Chemist Ilia and Greek Prince Idamante. The prepare to face the sewage devastation that is ravaging their block and travel below the street into the sewer. Directed by Scotty Reynolds, adapted by Scotty Reynolds and Music Director Marya Hart with Collaborating Chef Nick Schneider and Chris Roberts. Featuring Lauren Drasler as Ilia and tenor Brad Bradshaw as Idamante. Performed September 23rd, 2012 at the Carleton Farm House in Northfield.

Tonya and Nancy: The Opera at Bedlam Theatre from Scott Reynolds on Vimeo.

Tonya and Nancy: The Opera
Directed by Scotty Reynolds, Music by Abigail Al-Doory Cross, Libretto by Elizabeth Searle, Musical Direction by Michael Meyer. Featuring Meredith Cain-Nielsen as Tonya Harding, Lead Reddy as Nancy Kerrigan with Lauren Drasler, Jacob LaSota, Kitten Stoekler and Jason Vogen, Bonnie Herring on percussion. Video by Mark Bimson, This is a video of the full one act opera, approximately 30 minutes. Performed on February 23rd 2011 at The Bedlam Theatre in Minneapolis in conjunction with a showing of the Ladies’ Short Program at the Vancouver Olympics and trivia activities.

I Play and Sing: A Tribute to Tony Orlando and Dawn

Choreographed by Scotty Reynolds, Colette Illarde and the performers of Interact Theater Company. Presented at the Walker Art Center for Choreographer’s Evening 2009. Date: November 28th, 2012

Broken Brain Summit
Directed by Scotty Reynolds, Project developed with Scotty Reynolds, writer Amy Salloway, sound designer Elliot Durko Lynch and members of the Interact Theater Company. Performed at Old Arizona April 26th, 2012