Information for Community Garden Hosts

We are currently lining up sites for our 2011 season.  We always include a few new sites each year and we return to some of the same gardens.  We make an effort to reach a wide cross section of the metro area.

Some of our past garden sites include the Eat Street Community Garden, the Augsburg Community Garden, the Urban Farming Community Garden at 12th and Morgan Avenue North and the Midway Greenspirit Community Garden.

Our gardens hosts have been generous and a crucial part of our audience outreach.  If you are interest in bringing the picnic operetta to your garden, please contact Scotty Reynolds (

Here are some answers to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

The performance runs approximately one hour.

The opera is presented in a unique multi-lingual / multi-genre style.

The performance is family friendly.

We serve five course spread of locally sourced food that is created to extend the story and garden aesthetic.

Our performance is best enjoyed by audiences of 50 to 130, depending on the size of the garden.

We perform inside of the garden, with the action surrounding the seated audience.

What do we need from our garden hosts?

Here’s a simple list of things that we think about with each garden site:

1. a place to park our vehicles / unload.

2. a bathroom for our performers and audience (it can be the same bathroom), a near by church, latrine or home is sufficient

3. a flat area where we can set up blankets for our audience (preferably where the audience will NOT be facing the sun.  This can effect the performance a lot)

4. permission to put a few stakes in the ground (though this is rarely needed)

5. a rain site (we really don’t want to cancel a show), a church, school or community center would be great, we can fit our performance almost anywhere

6. permission to advertise on our web-site and take photos or video during the performance

7. permission to “pass the hat” for voluntary donations at the conclusion of the performance.

8. the assistance of one garden contact or coordinator, reaching gardeners with information about our performance, we want everyone to be invited!