Employment and Internship Positions

We have are looking for motivated and creative applicants for the following positions:


Join a talented team of collaborating artists including chefs, directors, actors and musicians for a completely unique Twin Cities theatrical dining experience. Work with our head chef, catering team, farmers, and volunteers to conceive and produce a regular 5-course canapé menu that is used to tell our story during a Picnic Operetta performance.

Cllaborates with the primary creative team of theater artists and writers to create a 5-course menu. Food is sourced from co-op donations, area gardens, and farm donations and Co-op Partners Warehouse. Food is prepared at a commercial kitchen:  City Food StudioCatering team transports the food to the performance sites where it is served throughout the production. Regular hours are Saturday and Sunday mornings for 4 – 5 hours until noon or 1:00, with some weekday afternoons for food prep and 1-2 hours per week sourcing ingredients. The production season is from mid-August to late September (approximately six weeks). There are pre-season production meetings in May, June, and July.

Want to see how it works? Check out the photos below.  Click here to see a fun video.

Sour Pickled Ramps on focaccia (left) and Jamaican Vegetable Rundown (right) from Agent Fidelio: A Picnic Operetta, 2013 at the California Street Farm. Created by chefs Nick Schneider and Christ Roberts, photo credit Travis Chantar.

Agent Fidelio, 2013  Chris Roberts   Agent Fidelio, 2012


Candidates must possess:

  • professional kitchen experience – with focus on speed, safety, and cleanliness
  • experience working in teams and delegating
  • leadership and communication skills
  • creativity and imagination developing innovative menu items
  • interest in performing arts, community gardens and locally sourced foods

Pre-Production (April-August)

  • Attend two pre-season production and menu planning meetings in May-July.
  • Assist head chef as needed with locating and securing ingredients.
  • Attend kitchen training and orientation with City Food Studio staff.
  • Attend one rehearsal in July or August to become familiar with the show and performers.

Production (August-September)

  • Work with food team and volunteers to produce a regular 5-course canapé menu that fits into the Picnic Operetta performance.
  • Source ingredients during the week, oversee deliveries and shopping.
  • Prepare food for 16 Picnic Operetta performances, primarily on Saturdays and Sundays (mid August – late September) and some additional prep time as needed. 
  • Coordinate catering team and volunteers in the implementation of the menu.
  • Maintain high safety and sanitation standards.
  • Coordinate transport of food and equipment to the performance sites.  
  • Oversee cleaning of shared kitchen space after prep is complete.

Compensation and contract is negotiated with Artistic Director, Scotty Reynolds. 

Approximately $18 per hour. 

TO APPLY, send resume and short cover letter to sreynolds@mixedprecipitation.org


Hot-Air Gougéres (left) and Elote (right) from Donald Giovanni in Cornlandia, 2016 at the JD Rivers Children’s Garden and Skidmore Park Community Garden. Created by chefs Nick Schneider and Kimlinh Bui, photo credits Jaffa Ahronov and Regina Woolson.


Donald Giovanni in Cornlandia   Donald Giovanni in Cornlandia

We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. Mixed Precipitation encourages applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, and veteran status.

The Picnic Operetta has internship opportunities in DIRECTING, PERFORMANCE, STAGE MANAGEMENT and FOOD PRODUCTION. 

Work with key creative and production staff in rehearsals developing an outdoor performance, the 9th annual Picnic Operetta. With leadership from the Artistic Director and associate artists, Head Chef, Production Manager and Music Director, the Interns will participate actively in the rehearsal process as a rehearsal assistant, assistant director and attend all performances as a member of the crew and performing company. Food Production interns learn kitchen operations, sanitary food preparation and zero-waste operations. Intern may perform as a singer, dancer, puppeteer, learning music and fight choreography essential for their role.

Ideal for those interested in music, sustainability, hospitality and theatre production.

Full job descriptions coming soon!

Send a resume and brief cover letter in an email to mixedprecipitation@gmail.com.

Applications due March 31st, 2017

All Positions PAID.  Time Commitment: July 1st – October 1st with strong commitment to weekend performances mid-August to mid-September.  Per diem, mileage, housing and hospitality provided for greater MN travel.  

Tales of Hofmann: A Picnic Operetta, 2010    IMG_3222


“Interning with the Picnic Operetta has allowed me the chance to work alongside creative minds, and has helped shape the way I approach innovation and resourcefulness in the arts…. Internship with Mixed Precipitation is for sharp thinkers, puzzle-solvers, and flexible workers who are dedicated artists and environmentalists.”

2013 Intern Suzi Gard, BA Theatre Arts, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

“Making music with an extremely talented community of people, working on the Picnic Operetta has furthered my abilities as a collaborator and performer and has changed the way I think about Opera and Community Performance. People who want to be part of an artistic team and can think outside of the box…should apply!”

2013 Intern Elizabeth Windnagel, BM School of Music, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities


These are competitive internships, ideal for self-motivated individuals. We are collaborative in all areas of our work. Truly considered part of the team, your input and opinions will be valued, and you will have access to a strong network with the local arts community ready to advocate for your future.