Company History and Core Team Members

Mission and Production History

Mixed Precipitation creates unexpected theatrical experiences through unique partnerships and festive events that inspire social engagement. Since 2009, we’ve been bringing Minnesota the Picnic Operetta – an annual harvest celebration that brings new life to old stories through music, movement, gardens, food, and visual extravaganza. Previous productions have included imaginative adaptations of Beethoven, Mozart, Handel and Purcell.  The Picnic Operetta has toured the metro and greater Minnesota, performing in community gardens, urban farms, orchards and vineyards. Additionally they have presented curated evenings of site-specific theater and dance including Mpls Pinter Studies, and contemporary operas like Tonya and Nancy: The Opera.  They have also created work for MN Orchestra Crescendo Project.

Planning Team

A core planning team of artists and community members work along side founder and artistic director Scotty Reynolds to plan artistic activities and connect to communities.

You’ve seen the work of these wonderful team members on-stage and off: Asher Edes, Joni Griffith, Alia Jeraj, Jacob Miller, and Gary Ruschmann 

Advisory Panel

William Beeman Professor, University of Minnesota Department of Anthropology

Welles Emerson Associate Director of Leadership Giving, Augsburg University and Resident Artist, National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics

Mary Hourigan University of Minnesota School of Public Health and Center for Animal Health and Food Safety

Maggie Scanlan Artistic Director, Nightpath Theatre Company

Chela Vasquez Pesticide Action Network, Women’s Environmental Institute

Jacquelyn Zita Women’s Environmental Institute